Anh Vo is a Vietnamese cinematographer and creative director currently residing in Chicago, USA where he nurtures his passion for visual storytelling across diverse projects.
Having spent his high school and undergraduate years in Milwaukee, WI while being born and raised in Hanoi, Anh is naturally drawn to visual storytelling that explores themes of cultural identity, the concept of home, and a sense of belonging. Since earning his master's degree in Cinematography from DePaul University, he has made his mark as the cinematographer for Emmy-winning national TV shows, commercials, and independent films showcased at international festivals. Additionally, he has led original projects and social campaigns as a creative director for Fortune 500 global brands, partnering with agencies and athletes.
With a deep understanding of humanity and an acute ability to find beauty in the world, Anh possesses a remarkable talent for seamlessly transitioning between different artistic worlds. He customizes his film language to perfectly suit each unique story and form of artistic expression. Through his lens, he aspires to capture the essence of emotions and create a lasting impact, leaving viewers inspired and moved.

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